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The Power of the Student

Student Development & Social Competence Program (Grades 5th to 8th):

The DAE Foundation is primarily responsible for the strategic implementation of new technology solutions that improve the student efficiency while meeting the school, community and student goals. This program is for Elementary and Middle school students. We focus on assisting students by developing models and creating resources for them and their families.

We utilize the DAE Foundation’s Oatmeal Recipe in our Student Development & Social Competence Program. The focus is to manufacture a sense of strategic social competence solutions that will improve student’s efficiency while meeting academic and workplace goals..

The topics covered include:

  • Conflict Mediation (Friends, Siblings, Teachers, Coaches, Bosses, Parents)
  • Nutritional Programs
  • Student Resource Programs
  • CPR and Emergency Preparation
  • Motivation to Achieve
  • Goal Setting
  • Anxiety Reduction Techniques
  • Visualization
  • Positive Self-Talk Strategies
  • Impulse Control

Our FREE program will be coming to the Lowcountry Acceleration Academy in August 2023. We will have a 12-month curriculum with 25 students per session.

If your organization is interested in bringing our Power of the Student program to your students, please email Jermel President at

power of the student with lowcountry acceleration academy

The 3RIPLE 3HREAT Podcast

The stories never change, just the times.

A student-athlete can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Jermel President, a long time student-athlete activist and founder of the DAE Foundation, shares his experiences with guests supporting the topics of Community, Sports and Education. If you are a parent of a student-athlete or currently a student-athlete and passionate about getting to the next level, this podcast is for you!

Our DAE Foundation message is to bring quality information to student-athletes, parents of student-athletes and the community that supports them both. There is a wealth of knowledge being shared in our interviews with stories from former collegiate players, professional athletes, collegiate coaches, sports agents and more.

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3RIPLE 3HREAT Season 03 Debuting June 1st

Season 03 debuts on Thursday, June 1st! We are excited to bring you a great line-up of guests who can share their expertise on Student-Athletes, Social Competence, Nutrition, Public Safety & more.

The 3RIPLE 3HREAT Podcast

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