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SaWUSA combines the pride of representing the USA in athletic competition with the thrill of International travel. Simply put, their goal is to provide an experience that is “the coolest thing you’ve ever done!”

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City of Charleston Recreation Department

DAE Foundation and City of Charleston have joined forces to better serve our basketball community. DAE Foundation will be developing and conducting basketball programs for kids ages seven to twelve. Development has always been our #1 priority and we are very excited about this opportunity.

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Rick Barry – Basketball Hall of Fame & NBA Top 50

“Having recently learned of Jermel President’s Oatmeal Recipe Program for basketball, I am giving my endorsement to Jermel, the DAE Foundation and this outstanding program.”

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Brittany E. Haynes – BEHs Entertainment

Brittany Haynes is the video editor on Jermel President’s postproduction team. Brittany pieces together the work of art Jermel demonstrates through training and informational videos. To view some of Ms. Haynes’ work, you can go to

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Ashley Oxford – Social Media Marketing Queen

Ashley Oxford is the social media queen on the Jermel President marketing team, helping Jermel extend his reach and following using social media marketing. You can read more about Ashley and her company, Social Media Marketing Queen, at

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